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Three Proven Reasons For A Night Guard

Bruxism Fort Bliss TX

Bruxism, or the term for persistent teeth-grinding, can express itself in a number of different ways. Since this term encompasses all of the ways our jaws can interact, it also includes gnashing, clenching. Our jaws are stronger than you would imagine, and these motions can lead to serious damage to your oral health.

You can harm your smile significantly even while you sleep, and this is the time that is most commonly in need of correction. While being incredibly difficult to stop a patient from the mental urge that drives this unconscious movement, we can place a comfortable and safe barrier between the tissue. These products, known as night guards, can serve as a remedy for many of the symptoms that come with grinding.

Today, your Fort Bliss, TX dentist discusses the ways that guards may be a fantastic solution for you!

Tension And Pain

For those suffering from bruxism, persistent and nagging headaches are very common. By giving your mind free reign over twitch movements for hours, your structures can be overtaxed. The muscles of your jaw can be tired and weak, and this can lead to its own discomfort.

This might make it hard for you to get a full night’s worth of sleep, too. And that’s understandable, as you are never really getting time to fully rest your face. This fatigue and strain can also make you more susceptible to injury, as your defenses are not at 100%. People often report general malaise, as well, due to the constant soreness.

Changes In Your Smile

Another problem that can occur is through the adjustment of your smile, and this can happen in a few different ways. Your alignment itself may be shifted from this movement, causing an asymmetrical jaw that gives off an unappealing look. With bruxism damage, the repetitive motion really reinforces the flaws, and can highlight very specific areas.

This can lead to issues with the way your jaw sits, as well. Harm to the joint near the ear can lead to temporomandibular joint dysfunction, commonly known as TMJ. This can be not only painful, but also cause problems chewing. If you notice a clicking sound when you open your mouth or when you are eating, this may be a sign. Be sure to mention in the net time you are at the dentist for a cleaning and examination.

Demolition During Sleep

It can also harm the teeth themselves. Your jaws are immensely strong, much more than we ever imagine. Through this, when you grind at night, it can lead to wearing down the tops of the structures, filing them down. You flatten your molars and shorten your incisors. Not only is this unattractive, it can also wind up damaging the enamel. When bacteria can form within the interior of a tooth, you will require a root canal. We’d like to avoid surgery if possible!

Ease Your Tension!

Bruxism can be very irritating and stubborn. Let’s discuss the best ways to help you! Call the staff at Fort Bliss Family Dentistry in Fort Bliss, TX at (915)895-3678 and schedule an appointment today!