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Children’s Dentistry

Pediatric Care Is Essential

For your child to have a lifetime of fantastic oral health, they should start visiting the dentist at an early age. It is crucial that they learn great at-home habits like proper brushing and flossing techniques, but coming to our office for checkups and cleanings is equally important. When they know that preventive care is essential, they will be more likely to continue visiting the dentist into adulthood. For all of our patients, we recommend coming to our office every six months to ensure great oral health.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are an immensely beneficial tool for protecting little smiles. They are thin pieces of biocompatible film that we paint onto your child’s molars. They are made from BPA-free acrylic that goes onto their teeth as a liquid gel that then hardens into a protective coating. They work as a physical barrier between their teeth and food particles. When food lingers on teeth, it can promote bacterial growth, so sealants prevent this from happening — mitigating tooth decay in the process. According to the American Dental Association, in fact, sealants can reduce the risk of decay by up to 80%. They are a simple and efficient way of keeping your child’s smile healthy and protected.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments can help strengthen the enamel of your child’s teeth. Enamel is the outermost protective layer of teeth and while it is one of the strongest substances our bodies produce, it can still weaken over time. When this happens teeth become more susceptible to decay, which can necessitate placing dental fillings if not caught early. Like sealants, fluoride treatment is very simple, yet extraordinarily effective.

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It is important that your child visits the dentist every six months. If it has been a while since their last checkup, or if they haven’t seen a dentist before, we encourage you to bring them in. You can schedule an appointment at Fort Bliss Family Dentistry in El Paso, TX today. We are located on Fort Bliss and are here for anyone with access to the base.