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Treating Cavities

Even with the best brushing habits and visiting your dentist every six months for exams and cleanings, tooth decay can still occur. A cavity is the most common type of decay and it is important to treat it as soon as possible. When you visit your dentist to take care of a cavity, they will suggest you receive a dental filling.

What Is A Filling?

It is made from a biocompatible, tooth-colored acrylic mixture, and it fills in the hole left in your tooth once your doctor removes the decay. The decay needs to be removed because one it settles into your teeth, it can spread deeper, eventually requiring a root canal treatment. When your dentist catches it early enough and treats it, your tooth ceases being at risk. The filling essentially plugs up the hole left from removing the decay and it prevents bacteria from re-infecting the tooth. The filling itself is made from a resin, so it precisely conforms to the cavity’s shape, meaning that your dentist won’t have to shape the tooth’s structure very much to accommodate the filling.

We also color-match the filling so it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. We smooth it out, as well, so it will feel completely natural within your mouth.

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