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Dr. Minyoung Lee

Meet Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee attended college in Korea and the United States. She received a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from University of Southern California and then attended dental school where she received her DDS from the USC School of Dentistry.

While participating in medical missions, she realized how limited the care was. This sparked her interest in dentistry because she would be able to provide so much more care with only a few tools. She says dentistry is mobile and allows a dentist to work anywhere.

Her favorite part of dentistry is healing patients’ pain, but her passion is connecting with people. She believes in patient education, and it is important to her to make sure she understands the patient’s concerns while the patient understands what is going on with their oral health.

Dr. Lee is thrilled to be working on Fort Bliss because she grew up in a military family with her father serving in the Korean army as a chaplain. Her heart goes out to all of those serving the military and our country, and she is proud she gets to provide stellar dental care to them and their families.

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Lee enjoys classical music, Costco pizza, and being active within her church. A fun fact about Dr. Lee is that she isn’t afraid of deep water, but she is afraid of heights.

Her favorite things about El Paso are the people, weather, scenery, and seeing the lights in Juarez. She likes being close to Mexico because it provides opportunities to do medical mission work.

Dr. Lee is a member of ADA (American Dental Association), El Paso District Dental Society, ITI (International Team For Implantology), the TDA, and several others. She’s passionate about continuing her education, so she has also taken courses on implant placement & management, caries management, composite restoration, and more.