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Bonding & Contouring

A Simple Yet Effective Cosmetic Solution

Once you notice irregularities in your smile, it can be difficult to stop fixating on them. Even the smallest issues can feel significant when you see them in the mirror every day. Like porcelain veneers, bonding & contouring can correct numerous problems in a minimally invasive way. Between the two interconnected procedures, they can solve anything ranging from chips to cracks to large gaps to more.

Cosmetic Bonding

Bonding is when your dentist applies a resin to your teeth to alter their size, shape, and uniformity. It can also repair cracks and chips. Additionally, it can cover up small spots of discoloration, making it a situation-specific alternative to teeth whitening. For the procedure your dentist will select a composite resin that matches the color of your existing teeth. Then, they will apply the resin to your teeth and shape it according to your unique needs. Once it is placed, it will be hardened with a UV light. Finally, your dentist will apply finishing touches to ensure your cosmetic desires are met. The procedure is relatively inexpensive and only takes about thirty minutes per tooth.


Contouring is often paired with cosmetic bonding, though it can also be done as a standalone procedure. Instead of adding enamel to your teeth, contouring consists of your dentist shaping and removing existing enamel to alter tooth shape. This can be done if your teeth appear too large or are over-crowding one another. It can also smooth out jagged edges and rough spots like those associated with chips and cracks. It often goes with bonding because contouring can help shape the resin that your dentist just added.

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