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Dental Bridges & Dentures

Filling The Gap

When you are missing a tooth — or several — it is crucial to fill in the gap as soon as possible. According to medical studies, missing teeth correlate to cognitive decline as you age. Additionally, it means that your jawbone isn’t receiving proper stimulation, leading to a loss of mass. Of course, it also affects the aesthetics of your smile. Dental bridges and dentures, however, are a great way to fill the gap and complete your smile.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can replace a single missing tooth or several teeth adjacent to one another. It is a prosthetic made from ceramic or porcelain, and it fits between the teeth adjacent to your missing one. The support teeth — also known as abutments — are outfitted with dental crowns to increase their strength. The prosthetic tooth is color matched to the rest of your teeth, so it blends in seamlessly. While this is not as permanent as a dental implant, it is still very long lasting and has plenty of support because it is affixed to your other teeth


Dentures are the best choice when you are missing many teeth or a few that are not next to one another. They can even replace an entire row! Like bridges, dentures are color-matched to your teeth but are also matched to your gums. They can be removed, so they are easy to clean, making them a less-permanent option. You can opt for implant-retained dentures if you would like the extra security. When you are missing teeth, your dentist will work with you closely to determine the best option for your specific needs.

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If you are missing teeth or are going to have an extraction, it is important to think about your replacement options. To learn more about dentures and bridges, you can schedule an appointment at Fort Bliss Family Dentistry in El Paso, TX. We are located on Fort Bliss and are here for anyone with access to the base.