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A Bright And Beautiful Smile Effortlessly

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We would all love to have a naturally bright white smile. But there are many external factors, some within and some outside your control, that can cause the discoloration of your teeth. Preventive care is always important to maintain, and this includes avoiding repeated exposure to foods and drinks that tend to stain our enamel. Also, keeping a strict oral health regimen at home can also help to stave off stains.

For those who currently have discoloration in their smile, however, there is another solution available to you. Our at-home whitening can freshen up your smile quickly and discreetly. Today, your Fort Bliss, TX dentist speaks to you about ways that you can protect your current shade, and how we can help you rejuvenate your smile comfortably!

Making Proper Decisions

It can be incredibly difficult to maintain the level of oral health maintenance that you want. Navigating work, nutrition, and oral health simultaneously can sometimes mean that you might relax a bit from time to time. No matter how hard you try, you feel you’re fighting an uphill battle.

But it is important to set firm boundaries on what you put into your mouth, as these things can have lasting effects on your health. Notable culprits include red wine and coffee, and we can see how they affect paper or cloth. But some things that may appear to be good for you might also have strong coloration. Things like strawberries and beets have been useful as natural dyes for hundreds of years, for good reason.

Smoking or any form of smokeless tobacco use can be devastating to your oral health, as well. This includes e-cigarettes or vaping, as the chemicals within the liquid can damage your smile. Also, chewing tobacco, dip, and snus are very destructive and should be avoided at all times. If you currently smoke or use one of these other forms of tobacco, quitting now is your best bet at keeping your smile healthy and beautiful!

A Private Solution

Our simple at-home procedure allows for whitening on your own time! By lifting stains gradually, we avoid the shock of introducing a brightly bleached smile to your loved ones and coworkers. We develop custom trays for your bite that hold a whitening gel for a set period of time throughout the day.

You will notice a change in as early as two weeks of properly wearing these trays. And by softly lifting these marks to the surface, we can monitor and maintain the strength of your enamel throughout the process. We take tooth sensitivity very seriously and improving your health is always the most important goal.

Take The Plunge!

Do you have any questions about how at-home whitening can be a fantastic solution for your smile? Call the staff at Fort Bliss Family Dentistry in Fort Bliss, TX at (915)895-3678 to learn more and schedule an appointment today!