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Discreet Treatment For A Straighter Smile

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Is your smile as straight as you would like it to be? Does the thought of traditional orthodontic treatment make you feel uneasy? While the results of corrective work for dental misalignment are appealing to most, the idea of clunky metal braces can be offputting to some. You may find that braces draw unwanted attention when making an impression or seem unprofessional. In fact, if you already lack confidence in the appearance of your teeth, questions about your orthodontic treatment can cause further embarrassment. For these reasons, you should consider a more discreet solution when making the decision to straighten your teeth.

At Fort Bliss Family Dentistry in Fort Bliss, Tx, your dentist can treat your misalignment with Clear Aligners clear aligner therapy. This solution for crooked teeth provides desirable results without the hassle of bracket-and-wire braces. Over the course of your treatment, each set of aligner trays gradually moves your teeth into the proper position while offering additional benefits. Clear Aligners clear aligners are removable which means you can easily take them off when brushing, flossing, or enjoying a meal. While debris from your meals can become stuck to the wires and brackets of the traditional alternative, clear aligners help you more easily keep decay at bay.

Clear Aligners Clear Aligners Straighten Crooked Teeth

When you visit our office in Fort Bliss, TX, we can evaluate the extent of your misalignment to determine if you qualify for Clear Aligners treatment. We will take images of your teeth for the planning and creation of your aligner system. After delivering your trays, you will wear each aligner set as instructed by your dentist at most hours of the day. Their removable nature provides convenience for hygiene, but remember that the success of your treatment is dependent upon your adherence to this schedule.

Preventing Tooth Decay With Orthodontics

By treating your misalignment, you can prevent the ability of oral bacteria to hide in the nooks and crannies of crowded teeth. Poor alignment creates pockets that are unreachable by your brushing and flossing routine. Exposing the entire surface of your tooth by straightening your smile means easier access both at home and during your general checkups. This means that clear aligners improve the beauty of your teeth both physically, and by preventing the chemical erosion of acidic decay.

Clear Aligners Treatment In Fort Bliss, TX

If you have concerns with the position of your teeth, know that treatment is available. Clear Aligners clear aligners provide a BPA-free solution to your misalignment without calling attention to themselves. Speak with your dentist at Fort Bliss Family Dentistry in Fort Bliss, TX at (915)895-3678 to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure and ask any questions you have about improving your grin!