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Watch Out For Painful Cold Sensitivity

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Many people suffer from issues with dental sensitivity. This can be seriously disruptive to your daily life, whether you suffer from acute attacks or chronic discomfort. Multiple different causes can lead to this condition, and it is important to try to identify the location where you are seeing pain.

One major area where this can occur is in the enamel. This material is the hard external structure that coats our teeth, and gives us both our protection and our functionality. This can become worn down due to physical damage or from infection, and when this occurs, your internal structures become vulnerable to the outside world. Today, your Fort Bliss, TX dentist lets you know about some of the common causes of tooth sensitivity. And how to handle this situation when you find yourself reeling!

Protect Your Smile

Our enamel is a highly important part of our body, and we often take it for granted. This biological tissue forms the hard coating of our teeth. While you might understandably feel that the entire structure is this durable, beneath, there is weaker matter. It is important to maintain your healthy smile for the protection of this material.

Some forms of wear can come from too-aggressive brushing, or using a brush that has bristles that are too firm. Over-the-counter whitening pastes and procedures may also weaken your enamel to this point, as well. It is important to speak with your dentist before engaging in these sorts of cosmetic enhancements.

If you have an issue with grinding, this can be another significant source of enamel wear. The technical term for this action is called bruxism, and it encapsulates all forms of unconscious jaw collision. This can expose the tops of the incisors or your molars, and lead to infection and pain. Talk to us about the possibility of a nightly-worn mouthguard in order to help protect your smile!

The Bacterial Harm

Another common source of oral discomfort comes when a bacterial infection takes hold within the structure of a tooth. This often requires what is known as a root canal surgery procedure, and likely a dental crown. This procedure includes the removal of the interior fleshy portion called the pulp. After, your oral surgeon will seal the connections to the jaw using a plant-based putty by the name of gutta-percha.

This process can leave the remaining tooth structure unable to hold the functionality that we require in our smile. After root canal surgeries, dental crowns are often necessary to stabilize the location. This is a strong creamic cap that can fully replace your enamel. But unlike with a dental implant, you will be able to keep your natural tooth!


Don’t let your discomfort continue! No matter the cause, we can schedule an appointment to help you at Fort Bliss Family Dentistry in El Paso, TX. We are located on Fort Bliss and are proud to offer fantastic aid to our troops and their families!