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Simple Ways To Improve Your Gums

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One of the most common concerns for Americans in their path to proper oral health is gum recession. This is a result of the infection and inflammation of this tissue, and is known as periodontal disease. Around 42% of Americans suffer from this condition. So if you are struggling with your oral health maintenance, know that you are not alone!

But gum disease can pose serious problems to the future of your smile. This material creates a strong and secure barrier between the world and the more vulnerable structures beneath the gumline. When this tissue pulls back from its natural location on the teeth, the risk of infection greatly increases. Such a situation can lead to the requiring of a root canal surgery procedure or even an extraction. Today, your Fort Bliss, TX dentist outlines the importance of keeping your gums safe, and what we can do to restore your smile’s safety!

Keep Them Protected

One of the best things you can do in your oral health is to be proactive with your care. This can be especially true with our gums, as they do not readily regrow. People may feel that this can simply build itself back up again, but once recession starts, it can require a surgical solution.

If you are ignoring your flossing, this can be a serious detriment to the future of your periodontal tissue. Alongside your twice-daily brushing, this should be a staple of your home oral health care regimen. This can help you to ensure that you have the safest possible outlook at home.

Always be sure to follow through on your regular examinations and cleanings, as well. These can help to identify any problems as soon as they occur, so that any damage can be minimized as much as possible. Your dentist may suggest a change to your routine, or particular cleaning in a specific area. Taking their words to heart can help you avoid surgery!

Repair Is Possible

For those who have already begun to experience gum recession, you may feel that things are out of your control. But there are tried and true methods of restoring your smile to its former glory. One of the most common ways is through what is called a gum grafting procedure.

This is a surgical means of expanding the amount of healthy periodontal tissue in an area. Initially, the oral surgeon will remove any damaged or infected tissue in order to prevent reinfection. Then, your healthy gum material can be stretched out to its proper location and attached to the tooth. If additional matter is necessary, then a different site can be used for this tissue. This process requires around a week of recovery with a soft diet. But you should be up and ready to resume work activities quickly after!

Don’t Let Your Infection Worsen

Periodontal disease can seriously put your smile at risk! We can schedule an appointment to help you at Fort Bliss Family Dentistry in El Paso, TX. We are located on Fort Bliss and are proud to offer fantastic aid to our troops and their families!