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Receiving A Quality Tooth Restoration

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When your teeth are healthy, your enamel can withstand thousands of pounds of force. But sometimes injuries and decay can compromise the health of their surface, leaving your teeth susceptible to further wear and tear. While maintaining healthy oral hygiene helps protect your teeth against the risks of decay, physical trauma can be unpredictable, and cavities can even strike the cleanest of mouths! By regularly visiting the team at Fort Bliss Family Dentistry in El Paso, TX, you can help protect your teeth and receive quality restorations when necessary.

When it is time to repair one of your injured teeth, the correct approach involves placing a durable prosthetic that will remain stable for years to come. You want to know that when you bite down on your new cap, you can trust it will withstand the pressure. Making sure to repair your injury as soon as it develops can prevent damage from progressing and help save your tooth from possible extraction. Remember that losing a tooth can lead to serious alignment issues, so do everything in your power to maintain your teeth in your mouth!

Respond To Your Dental Injuries Responsibly

While you may not be able to prevent all damage to your teeth, you can take every step available to repair and restore a tooth when an injury occurs. Practicing daily brushing and flossing activities gives you the best chance at preventing the buildup of plaque that causes cavities, but sometimes this behavior is not sufficient for stopping enamel erosion. Make sure that you know who to contact ahead of time when experiencing any potential dental injury.

Receiving immediate treatment for a broken tooth can help you restore its surface and prevent infection. Waiting to treat your injury until a visit months later exposes your tooth to developing cavities and infection, so do not wait!

Placing A Dental Crown

If you crack or break a tooth, we could place a dental crown to return the protective seal of your enamel. When you come into our office, we will take images of your injury for the creation of a custom dental cap. After shaving the injured tooth, we create a surface that is ready to receive your new restoration. After placement, continue to regularly brush and floss to maintain the integrity of your repaired tooth. At subsequent cleanings and examinations, we will inspect the stability of your crown to make sure it is holding strong!

Plan A Solution To Repair Your Tooth With Your El Paso, Dentist

Whenever you injure a tooth, it is important to seek treatment quickly. Placing a dental crown can return the strength of your bite and prevent dangerous infections. Speak with a member of the team at Fort Bliss Family Dentistry in Fort Bliss, TX at (915)895-3678 to schedule a visit.