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Dry Mouth Might Be More Than Annoying

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Everyone has issues with their mouth from time to time. And sometimes it can be difficult to determine what is a medical situation or something that can be easily remedied using over-the-counter products.

A prime example of this is with dry mouth. Many people struggle with this concern daily, yet think it’s a minor drugstore issue. But for some people, that dry mouth can cause untold damage on the sructures of the mouth.

Today, your Fort Bliss, TX dentist speaks to you about the dangers of dry mouth. We will discuss some common causes, some home remedies, and how to best communicate with your oral health worker.

Search For Causes

Your first task in finding a solution to your salivary problem is to find out whether you can identify any external factors that may be posing problems. Many things can affect the mouth, and salivary production is a common symptom.

That said, it isn’t something that should be ignored, so start to pay attention to your daily consumption and habits. Many medicines can lead to this problem, so make sure to discuss this with your doctor. By putting this discussion off, you may be overlooking other problems, as well. So please be open and honest with your healthcare professionals. Knowledge can do wonders for problems such as this.

Some health conditions can lead to problems in creating enough fluid in the mouth. For those with diabetes, elevated glucose levels in the blood can cause the body to try to expel large amounts of liquid from the body, which can then leave the patient dehydrated. In turn, the mouth falls victim.

Other diseases or conditions can play a significant role, as well. HIV/AIDS-positive individuals should pay particular care to their mouths in general, but especially this. Stroke victims, and patients with Alzheimer’s and Sjogren’s syndrome are also at a higher risk.

When To Visit Your Dentist

If this is a concern that you have had persistently, or if it simply doesn’t seem to be improving on its own, then it’s time to consult with your dentist. After all, this is not a condition that you should ignore. There are broad complications that can come with the lack of protection from your saliva.

Firstly, your spit is an amazingly antibacterial fluid, and its presence helps to rid the mouth of infection. Without this, bacteria grow freely, and can create massive colonies in the areas between the teeth. Once they start to grow within the tooth itself, you will most likely require a root canal. This can also lead to tooth loss.

Don’t Put It Off Any Longer!

Dry mouth can be annoying, but also a huge medical problem. Call the staff at Fort Bliss Family Dentistry in Fort Bliss, TX today at (915)895-3678 and schedule an appointment today!