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Monitor Your Wisdom Teeth, Save A Headache

There frankly are not many good reasons to wait to attend to your wisdom teeth when they grow in. For teens, it can sometimes seem a little frightening to have oral surgery, but this routine procedure is nothing to worry about. In fact, the sooner it is handled, the less damage that misgrowing molars can do to your smile. Over time, these can overcrowd your mouth and cause overlaps, orientation changes, and even the cracking of teeth.

Today, your Fort Bliss, TX dentist stresses the need for an adolescent to have routine visits to monitor the incoming wisdom teeth. And if the situation requires surgery, you can plan the best course of action with your trained oral health care professional!

Needless Pain

For many teens and young adults, incoming wisdom teeth can be a nagging discomfort on the best day. In those who experience issues with them, they can sometimes lead to serious damage that can bring immense pain. Due to the direction of growth, sometimes the teeth can grow together, and with enough force to literally crack your teeth.

When the interior pulp and root are exposed to the outside elements, bacterial infection becomes incredibly likely. In order to remedy this will require an additional oral surgery to complement the extractions. Adding a root canal is unnecessary and stressful long-term for your mouth.

By catching these teeth as they grow, pain from pressure and stress can be mitigated. Removing a smaller object from the jaw means less trauma than a larger object, usually.

Knowledge Is Helpful

Imagery is incredibly useful for a dentist, and x-rays can see the progress and future track of the growth of incoming wisdom teeth. During your teenage years, routine examinations and cleanings are very important, because you can also have the office take a look at your jaw. By seeing constant, steady images, we are able to formulate an idea of how quickly they are growing, and if there is immediate concern.

All of these things can mean the difference in keeping your beautiful smile or needing more work to repair your situation. With oral health, preventive care is almost always preferred, in order to stop damage before it can possibly occur. It’s like stopping a car wreck before it occurs, so it’s optimal.

We can get things taken care of before your smile gets significantly altered. For many young people, they have already lived through orthodontic procedures. If we can make sure to treat the problem before changing your alignment, let’s do it!


If you’ve started noticing symptoms of incoming wisdom teeth, please don’t wait. Call the staff at Fort Bliss Family Dentistry in Fort Bliss, TX today at (915)895-3678 and schedule an appointment!