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Veneers Can Revamp Your Smile

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Our mouths leave a detailed history of the places we’ve been in our life. The buildup of stains, every small chip that may come from a simple trip over a shoe. Since our teeth do not regenerate (that would be nice), these seemingly tiny imperfections can add up to noticeably worn out smiles.

The development of porcelain veneers over the past half of a century has led to breakthrough technology which can correct significant issues at a very quick pace. And repairs have never been easier, so if you have concerns that have been nagging at you for quite some time, please don’t wait any longer. You could be strugging when you don’t have to!

Today, your Fort Bliss, TX dentist writes on the benefits of porcelain veneers and how this miraculous solution came to be!

How Do They Work?

In short, a veneer is a covering which serves as a cap over natural tooth material. This is cemented over a filed tooth so that the size and shape appear as that of your normal smile. After recovery, this operates functionally, and is highly durable. And they look great, too!

Development of Veneers

The concept of a set of attached false fronts using ceramics comes from the 1920s, when Hollywood dentist Charles Pincus created a prosthetic for use for an actor. These were obviously not intended for permanent use, and did not really catch on with the public.

The process of etching advanced in the 1950s, however, and this radically altered the landscape of cosmetic dentistry. This uses an acid to create an uneven and porous texture to the tooth, which allows for permanent cementing much better than any process before.

These two things really became married in the early 1980s, and it has only grown since then. Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find an actor in Hollywood without a set of porcelain veneers. And our solutions are designed to last decades, as durable and functional teeth.

My Solution’s Unique

One of the most amazing benefits of a ceramic veneers solution is the ability to fully customize your look and appearance. Because of the imagery and design possibility available today, a beautiful smile has never been more in reach.

Many patients have concerns that encompass a broad variety of needs, from cracks and physical damage to misalignment issues. This is a fantastic option for these people, as our skilled ceramicists can build around our existing tissue. Size, scale, and orientation are all easily adjusted, unlike with our natural teeth.

This is also a solution for people needing one or a full set of replacements, completely dependent upon your situation. Call us today for a consultation and we can work together to craft a beautiful new smile situation that you will love for years to come!

Let’s Make A Plan!

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