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Durable Ways To Improve Your Smile

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Being that we are in such a proximity to a military base, we sometimes see younger patients who are looking for cosmetic improvement. Obviously, we’re not talking about putting veneers onto babies, but people in their twenties and thirties. This approach can be significantly different than for people who are in need of a restorative situation. The time that this gives us in our design alone is a massive benefit!

But for these individuals, they may be hesitant to make a change in their smile for a few different reasons. There is a concern about losing some of your healthy natural material, and how sturdy any possible replacement could be. But cosmetic replacement can be as strong as your natural teeth matter. Today, your Fort Bliss, TX dentist explains how cosmetic enhancements are designed to last. You can have faith in their strength and success!

A Smile Makeover

For those people looking for a comprehensive solution, it is hard to beat all that comes with porcelain veneers. These operate as a ceramic cap over our natural tooth material. These prosthetic devices are custom-designed, so they allow for a huge amount of versatility in what they can repair.

These can cover chips and cracks easily, in a way that protects your health, as well. Damage to our enamel can lead to an infection within the tooth. When this occurs, the most likely scenario becomes a root canal. This includes the removal of the pulp and root structures deep inside. While this is a fantastic procedure at relieving pain in a long-term way, but when we can avoid surgery, we should take advantage of that!

If you also have misalignment issues, veneers may be able to help here, as well. Since our skilled ceramicists craft these pieces uniquely, the shape and scale of them can be adjusted. Combining that with orientation gives a very large amount of creativity in the forming of your new smile!

Renew, Quickly!

Patients who are looking to spruce up their smile, without a lot of planning or mess, then teeth whitening can be a great fit. Our at-home whitening procedure allows you to make the change over time. We will give you a custom set of trays and whitening gel. These will be worn for a couple of hours throughout the day. After ten days to two weeks, you will start to notice a serious improvement in the quality of your smile!

This procedure can help lift years of stains from our enamel. Most people fail to realize how far they’ve actually let things go until they see the results. Call today if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment!


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