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Take Control In An Emergency

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While nobody certainly looks forward to a problem with their smile, the fact of the matter is that things can happen. You might slip down the stairs or be involved in a car accident. These are parts of normal everyday life, but with our oral health, there can be effects that last you the rest of your life.

Since unfortunately, our teeth do not regenerate like many other areas of our body, taking care of the structures that we do have is important for the health of our future. But even if you take absolutely perfect care of your smile, you cannot prevent all forms of harm that can come. So it is vital that you know the steps that you need to take in case something goes wrong. Today, your Fort Bliss, TX dentist outlines some of the most important things to keep in your head

Before Anything Else

The first thing you need to do in any emergency is to assess the risk of a possible loss of life. If you or someone near you has just experienced a form of physical trauma to their dental structures, first ensure that this is taken care of. If there is any concern about the short-term health of the patient, go directly to the Emergency Room.

The ER has capabilities to ensure that immediate health is addressed. For instance, if you find that your wound will not stop bleeding, these medical professionals have access to technology such as blood transfusions to keep you safe. This can also be a good resource for people who may live in a more rural area, without convenient access to a 24-hour emergency dentist. If this is not an issue, try to take a breath and calm yourself as much as possible, no matter how difficult!

Keep As Much Material As You Can

When our teeth are broken, they can shatter like glass, leaving remnants around the area of the injury. If you or someone around you can, try to find as many of these pieces as possible. In terms of restoration, the more of your natural material that we have, the greater the possibility of a solution that allows you to keep your own tissue.

If your tooth fits fully back into your socket, you can place it back once it has been rinsed off thoroughly. If not, place the material into saltwater or milk while you transport it to your dentist. It is important not to use regular water, as it can cause damage that makes re-attachment impossible.

Seek Help Safely

Time is of the essence in these situations, but always be sure that you move as safely as possible to your dentist. The likelihood of a successful reconstruction is much higher when it is addressed immediately. Even waiting overnight can lead to disastrous effects and a different reconstructive approach. So don’t wait!


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